Average Time : 4 hours
Minimum People : 4
Available days : Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Price : from 20€
Optional : Private tour

This is our program of Birdwatching in Albufeira Lagoon, part of Arrábida Natural Park.
This is a program designed for nature lovers and birdwatchers guided by experienced guide in one of the best places of Portugal for birdwatching.
The Albufeira Lagoon is located in a dune system, The lagoon has an approximate area of 155 ha, presenting an elongated shape and being constituted by two lagoon areas denominated by bid lagoon and small lagoon. Both are connected by a narrow, winding channel called the Crow's Beak.
The Lagoa Grande is separated from the sea by a sandy barrier. At the spring equinox, it is usually artificially opened a single bar. In winter, during strong thunderstorms, the bar can open naturally. In the zones of the coast there is an area of dunes. The banks of the lagoon have relatively smooth, steeper slopes in the north. A good part of the pond's water mirror is free of vegetation.
Surrounding the entire lagoon is a vast pine forest, where is part of our hiking we can find some Pines, and some Eucalyptus, and Oak trees stand out. Sometimes there is some bushy stratum. The place offers perfect conditions for bird watching always accompanied by knowledgeable local guides.
This program allows visitors to the area, knowledge, respect by nature and learning of biological and physical functioning, seeking that all visitors benefits from this natural space.

Some of the species that we can admire in the bird observatory: